About Us

E On Furniture is a company based in Hong Kong that specializes in the design, manufacturing,wholesale and retail of curtains and furniture.
E On was established in 1979 and initially imported products from Italy. In 2000, we established a factory in Guangdong Province, China. We are currently located Huizhou. We focus on European furniture design, particularly products inspired by French styles.
We also keep up with the trends by developing new production lines of modern furniture. Additionally, we offer customized design and manufacturing services to meet the personalized needs of our customers. We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent service to create comfortable, beautiful, and practical home environments.
At E On Furniture, we specialize in collaborating with interior designers and brand owners. We offer customization options to ensure seamless integration with the desired ambiance. Our goal is to be a trusted partner to our clients.

In addition to serving the local markets in Hong Kong and mainland China, we have a strong presence in APAC, the Middle East and the US market where we actively focus our sales efforts.