Custom Made Furniture


1. 與客戶溝通:我們的團隊將聆聽客戶的需求並提供報價。

2. 設計方案:我們將根據客戶的需求提供方案,並由我們的設計師提供第一稿。

3. 確認設計方案:在最終確認設計之前,可能需要進行一些修改和調整。

4. 生產製造:這個步驟的時間取決於產品的複雜程度和生產排程,通常需要四到六週的時間。

5. 交付安裝:我們將安排專業的安裝團隊在客戶的地方進行產品的交付和安裝。
  • Communication with the customer: Our team will listen to and understand the customer's requirements and provide a quotation to the customer.

  • Design proposal: We will provide a proposal based on the customer's needs, and our designer will provide the first draft.

  • Confirmation of design proposal: There may be a few modifications and adjustments required by the customer until the final design is confirmed.

  • Production: The time required for this step depends on the complexity of the product and the production schedule, usually taking four to six weeks.

  • Delivery and installation: We will arrange our professional installation team to deliver and install the product at the customer's place.

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